Reinkstone R1 with Stylus
Reinkstone R1 with Stylus
Reinkstone R1 with Stylus
Reinkstone R1 with Stylus
Reinkstone R1 with Stylus
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Reinkstone R1 with Stylus

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We live in a world surrounded by technology and digital media, and yet nothing really beats the comfort and pleasure of reading from paper. Digital reading devices such as Kindle replicate the paper-reading experience but lack the ability to do more.

What if you need to read notes and research papers in color? And what should I use to read comics and newspapers? Black and white are boring, how can we get some color?

Reinkstone R1 is the world’s first & thinnest book-sized color E-Paper Android tablet. With 140 color PPI, it has the highest color display among all color E-paper devices. It is perfectly designed for Reading, Writing, Working, and entertainment while providing users with the Best Eye Protection.

Reading Front Light
    With the Reinkstone Natural Low Light Technology, you can comfortably read anytime and anywhere. No matter if it's under sunlight or at night, you won’t need to endure the eye strain of reading with electronic devices or the inconvenience of paper books.

    Sleek Design
      With a vertical notebook design only 0.75cm thick, Reinkstone makes reading and writing easier and more comfortable in any position and it’s lightweight and slim for travel.


      Long Battery Life
        Its thin, powerful, large capacity 4500mAh battery gives Reinkstone 100 days standby time/300 hours working time on a single charge. Read more, do more, and say goodbye to battery anxiety.

        Unlimited Formats
          With support for unlimited formats and searchable files, Reinkstone makes the Perfect Media Library for users who want the pleasure of paper-realistic reading without the inconvenience of traditional books.

          Effortless Input
            4096 Level pressured Stylus with eraser and EMR layer gives you a paper-like writing experience. Taking notes and signing documents has never been easier. Don’t feel like jotting it down? Voice record meetings and notes with the R1’s double noise-reduction MIC to capture it all.

            Faster Sharing
              Convert handwritten notes into text with one click. Share your notes with others in a single click via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OTG, or screencast.

              Better Performance
                1.8GHz 4 Core processor with 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM makes reading and writing effortless. Need more storage room? Reinkstone R1 supports OTG to expand its memory.

                Besides the unparalleled reading experience, Reinkstone is also a fully functional Android 11 tablet with an upgradable operating system, allowing you to install the APPs you need. One Reinkstone is all you need for study, work, and entertainment.

                Protect Their Eyes
                  Reinkstone's DES E-paper screen is the best in protecting our users’ eyes. It allows your children to read comics, manga, or any books harmlessly without distraction or eye fatigue.

                  Best For Audiobooks
                    Reinkstone R1's double BOX speaker makes it the best audiobook reader while providing both you and your children some personal time.

                    Inspire Their Talent
                      “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” By Wassily Kandinsky. Don’t let black and white limit their talent and possibilities. R1 is here to help expand and record children’s colorful imaginations.

                      Be a Reinkstone user, Reduce Your Carbon Footprints with one simple decision. According to The Eco Guide, “In 2008 alone, the publishing industry was responsible for the harvest of nearly 125 million trees.” Using an E-reader that can hold thousands of books saves paper, saves trees, and helps save the planet.

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