Smart Phone case with a DIY ink screen

Reink Case

An ever-changing Dynamic Window for your iPhone

A smart case with amazing variability & rich playability

You can DIY the back screen pattern. It only takes a few minutes to transfer your favorite graphics to the back cover screen.It's like using a new phone case every day.

Eye-friendly electronic ink screen

A 3.7-inch tri-color ink screen is built into the back shell. It still protects the eyes and saves power, and adds one more color.

Eco-friendly No-battery design

Easy transfer of wallpapers with Bluetooth connection. No need to charge. Eco-friendly and energy-saving.

Convenient external screen display

Transfer the account QR code, payment code, etc. to the ink screen, and others can quickly scan it. Even if the phone is out of power, the ink screen can still display patterns as usual.

Explore the Creation Backstage of the Dynamic Window

Easy to use

You can edit text and pictures freely. Create subtle and fun patterns in an easy way to create. Freely sway your creativity and make your own dynamic view.

Display algorithm optimization presents better results

The APP contains 3 kinds of display algorithms, so that each picture can find its most suitable presentation method.
A theme mall suitable for all ages

There are a large number of practical, fun, and beautiful theme wallpapers in the theme mall, and there is always one that will hit you.

Double Screen All-round Protection Comfortable Hold Experience

Military-grade protection

The 360° four-corner full-edge groove design can relieve the impact of falling.The military-grade explosion-proof glass back shell is anti-scratch and drop-proof.

The details hidden in the slightest

The camera frame higher than the camera effectively protects the camera from scratches. The shell is higher than the screen of the phone, and the shell will absorb the damage first when the phone falls flat.

Wonderful touch and look

Soft rubber material, no scratching, no damage to the machine when disassembled, comfortable to the touch. New AF molecular oleophobic coating. Anti-slip and anti-sweat, stay away from fingerprints.