Brand Mission: Reshaping People's Reading and Writing Ways

Reinkstone consists of two parts: "re" and "inkstone". 're 'represents reshaping and revolution, while' inkstone 'is a stone mortar used to grind and hold ink. Reinkstone directly means "reshaping the inkstone". The moral is to 'change people's way of reading and writing', returning to pure user experience itself through technological innovation.

 Color E-paper is the best reading and writing carrier we believe. The mission of Reinkstone is to create user-friendly and touching products based on this technology, allowing more people to enjoy the convenience and comfortable use experience brought by electronic paper products.



Brand Vision: To be the leading brand of next-gen color e-paper industry

Color e-paper is the future development direction, and the color e-paper industry is in a rapid development stage. The goal of Reinkstone is to become a leader in the color e-paper industry, that is, when people mention color e-paper, the first brand they think of is Reinkstone.

Challenge, innovation, and responsibility - these are qualities that we believe leadership brands must possess. Although Reinkstone has not yet become a leader, we carry the spirit of a leader with us. We firmly believe that when we engage in a cause that benefits the world, the entire world will pave the way for us.