Reink Case Knight for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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World's first 4-color eink phone case

Reink Case C1

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Leading Eink Phone Case

Metal Bracket

First e-ink phone case with bracket, 115° folding angle, suitable for comfortable use in various scenarios.

NFC Tech

No battery, no tail plug. Data and power transfer via NFC.

Tempered Glass

Tough and resistant to falling

E-ink Dynamic Window

The back screen pattern can be changed at will.

TPU Shell

Achieved a balance between protection and softness

Worldwide Shipping

We can deliver to most countries

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Who we are

Brand Vision

Reinkstone is to change people's way of reading and writing, returning to pure user experience itself through technological innovation. We try to create user-friendly and touching products based on this technology, allowing more people to enjoy the convenience and comfortable use experience brought by color e-paper products.


Reink Case Growth Timeline


Reinkstone launched the project to develop color e-ink screen phone cases

Reink Case

Reinkstone launched the world's first NFC 3-color e-ink phone case

Reink Case C1

Reinkstone launched the world's first 4-color e-ink phone case

Reink Case Knight

Reinkstone launched the 4-color e-ink phone case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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