Reinkstone R1 Overview

DES——What makes R1 distinctive

DES is a novel display electronic slurry module. It obtains a higher definition and higher resolution display than previous generations of color E-paper.

Paper-like Writing Experience, Keep on Mindflow

Wacom stylus with 4096-level pressure and eraser restore handwriting experience to great extent. Focus on what you think and write it without interference.

Efficient office tool for taking notes and recording

Multiple note templates and flexible layer functions can help you make notes as you wish. If you are inconvenient for writing, the high signal-to-noise ratio recording equipment helps you record clearly.

Immerse yourself in reading

10.1” DES color screen allows you to read comics, books, magazines, and periodicals more efficiently and comfortably anytime and anywhere.
Read comfortably in various illumination environment

The adjustable natural low light provids a perfect reading environment and relieving eye strain.

Read with your ears

R1's double BOX speaker makes it the best audiobook reader for your kids or yourself.

Excellent device brings excellent use experience

⭐Android 11 OS, Install the APPs you need
⭐4500mAh battery support standby 100 days
⭐4-Core processor with 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM

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