6 inch Color E-Reader

R1 Reader

Read in Color

R1 Reader features the Kaleido Plus screen. Compared to the previous generation screen it has a whiter base, brighter colors and a more detailed display.
Read without blue light

E-Ink screens adopt reflective display tech, backlight & blue light free. It is visible in the sunlight with paper-like reading experience.

Read without burden

6.9mm slim body, 150g light weight, thinner than your phone. One-handed grip, comfortable holding feel, compact and portable.

Read with light

Built-in 33 levels of adjustable reading front lights. You can also read with comfort at night.

Read with ears

It supports BT headphones to switch from reading mode to listening mode. Seamlessly connects the excitement of the world inside the book.

Android OS Support Google Play

You can activate the Google Play Store, download your favorite reading, news and learning APPs.

Read as you are used to

Support adjustment of font size, fonts, margin & line spacing, horizontal and vertical display, gesture and other functions. Read in the way you are more accustomed to.

Read PDF comfortably

Through automatic trimming, text rearrangement and other algorithms, in reading professional literature, business information PDF documents can also be very comfortable to read.

Quad-core CPU—— Read smoothly

Customized processor for the e-ink screen. 4-core A55, low power consumption and fast response. Smoother reading experience.

32GB Storage

32GB storage space, enough for thousands of books. Easily build your book palace.

Read without power worry

E-Ink screen bi-stability tech + CPU energy-saving algorithm. One charge can support weeks of reading, never worry about power.

Read in protection

Special wood grain cover, bathing in nature, wandering in the sea of books. Support smart wake up: close it to sleep, open it to wake up.