Dear Customers,

We are writing this letter to express our apology that the delivery of R1 has to be delayed. We feel extremely sorry about this, and hope you can accept our sincere apology and keep confidence in us.

The main reason for the delay is China's power cuts measures which have forced factories to cut back production or stop operations, so that we need a longer time to proceed with mass production than planned. Besides, our supply chain delayed the delivery of other raw materials, which also affected the production schedule.

We are not only waiting but taking action during this period. Our screen supplier upgrades DES tech, and our engineers have successfully activated Google Play on R1. We will post the latest DEMO video this week on Kickstarter and YouTube.

We will do our best to finish the mass production of R1 ASAP and keep improving the software. We will gradually complete the delivery in January according to the current situation.
We extend our sincerest apology again for the unexpected events. Thanks again for your understanding and support!

Yours Sincerely,
Reinkstone Team