reinkstone(墨小家) APP User Agreement

Part1. Introduction


1.1 This agreement is an agreement between the user (hereinafter also referred to as "you") and reinkstone (hereinafter also referred to as " reinkstone "), and reinkstone will provide products and/or services in strict accordance with the terms of this agreement. The terms of this agreement constitute a prerequisite for your use of the products and/or services provided by reinkstone and their derivative services. You should read and fully understand this agreement to use the products and/or services of reinkstone . / or the behavior of the service (including downloading, installing, starting, browsing, registering, logging in, using, etc.), means that you agree to all the terms of this agreement; if you are unwilling to accept any of the terms of this agreement, you should not use or Immediately stop using the products and/services provided by reinkstone . The relevant operation prompts, Q&A guides, usage help or rules and procedures displayed to you by reinkstone in other ways on reinkstone 's platform constitute part of the relevant rules for your use of reinkstone 's products and/or services, and have the same effect as this agreement. potency.


1.2 After you accept this agreement, this agreement may be revised due to changes in national policies, products and/or services, and the environment in which this agreement is performed, and the revised agreement will be posted on the reinkstone platform at an appropriate location. If you continue to use reinkstone 's products and/or services after this agreement is updated, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the updated agreement and are willing to be bound by the updated agreement.


1.3 The term "user" in this agreement includes registered users and unregistered users. Users who have not registered reinkstone 's products and/or services will automatically become "non-registered users" of reinkstone when they download or install reinkstone 's products and/or use reinkstone 's services. All terms.


1.4 If you are a minor, please read this agreement accompanied by a guardian, and pay special attention to the terms of minors. The minor's exercise and performance of the rights and obligations under this agreement shall be deemed to have been recognized by the guardian.


1.5 reinkstone hereby kindly reminds you that reinkstone has used bold fonts to remind you of the clauses in this agreement that may have a significant relationship with your rights and interests . Please pay attention to the key points. At the same time, both parties agree that the aforementioned clauses do not belong to the clauses of "exempting its liability, aggravating the other party's responsibility, and excluding the other party's main rights" stipulated in Article 40 of the Contract Law, that is, both you and reinkstone recognize the legality and validity of the aforementioned clauses, and you We will not claim that the terms of the agreement are illegal or invalid on the grounds that Reinkstone has not fulfilled its obligations such as reasonable prompts.


1.6 If you have any doubts or other related matters in the process of reading this agreement, reinkstone provides you with a variety of feedback channels, please refer to the "Contact" section for details, and reinkstone will answer you as soon as possible.



Part2. Service Description


2.1 Products and/or services provided by reinkstone to users, including but not limited to:


2.1.1 and any other websites (also referred to as "Websites") directly owned or operated by reinkstone ;


2.1.2 Clients directly owned or operated by reinkstone include but are not limited to all terminal client products (also referred to as "clients") such as PCs, tablets, mobile phones, ink tablets, and wearable devices;


2.2 This Agreement applies to all reinkstone products and/or services, including but not limited to software, websites, services (including off-site services, such as: reinkstone advertising services and plug-ins that “apply or share through reinkstone services”, etc.) and include related products or service functions, user terminals include but are not limited to PC terminals, mobile terminals, TV terminals, VR terminals, cinema terminals, etc.


2.3 Reinkstone 's products and/or services are limited to users' use on reinkstone 's platform. Any act of separating reinkstone 's products and/or services from reinkstone 's platform by malicious cracking or other illegal means does not belong to this agreement. products and services. All legal consequences arising therefrom shall be the responsibility of the perpetrator, and reinkstone will investigate the legal responsibility of the perpetrator according to law.


2.4 The officially announced method of reinkstone is the only legal way to download, install, start, browse, register, log in, and use reinkstone services. Reinkstone products and products obtained by users through any other channels, any channels, or any methods that have not been legally authorized by reinkstone . Services (including but not limited to accounts, points, community currency, point goods, community goods, client download and other services) are illegally obtained, reinkstone does not recognize their validity, and reinkstone has the right to delete, cancel, The user shall be responsible for all adverse consequences caused by clearing, title and other processing.


2.5 The user has the right to use his legally obtained reinkstone account and points, community currency, virtual point goods, virtual community goods, etc. within the scope authorized by reinkstone , but the user confirms that he only enjoys the right to use the above-mentioned services and products. The ownership and intellectual property rights of products and their derivatives are owned or legally authorized by Reinkstone (except for the ownership of physical products obtained through legal channels, personal property belonging to the user under the account, and other rights and interests specified by Reinkstone ). reinkstone has the right to withdraw the above-mentioned right of use at its own discretion to the maximum extent permitted by law and according to the actual situation without notifying the user or obtaining the user's consent.


2.6 reinkstone has the right to announce to users in advance (including but not limited to pop-up page announcements, reinkstone official website announcements) to modify, replace, upgrade and provide any products and/or services and/or any software related to the above products and/or services . If the user does not agree to any product and/or service provided by reinkstone and/or the modification, replacement or upgrade of the software related to the above product and/or service, please directly refuse, stop or cancel, otherwise the user is deemed to agree to any product and/or service provided by reinkstone . The modification, replacement and upgrade of the service and/or the above-mentioned related software, meanwhile, the aforementioned modification, replacement and upgrade shall not affect the validity of this agreement.



Part3. Service usage rules


3.1 When applying for registration to use reinkstone products and/or services, users must provide reinkstone with complete, true, accurate, legal, valid and up-to-date personal information. If the above information changes, the user should change it in time. It is also guaranteed that the above information is the real information of the user, and it is not allowed to use another person's identity or use another person's email address, mobile phone number, etc. to register an account. Reinkstone is not responsible for account disputes or related problems caused by untrue or untimely update of registration information or fraudulent use . At the same time, reinkstone has the right to choose to temporarily or permanently suspend this account according to the actual situation.


3.2 Users can only register themselves as registered users through the official channels of reinkstone . Any account information obtained through other non- reinkstone official channels (including but not limited to account information obtained by purchasing, renting, borrowing, sharing, etc., as well as registered accounts obtained by malicious use or destruction of the registration system), reinkstone does not guarantee its legality and If the account is suspended, cancelled or withdrawn due to normal use, the user shall be solely responsible for it.


3.3 The user should authenticate the registered account with real identity information, and the registration information such as the account name, avatar and profile submitted by the user shall not contain any illegal or bad information. Reinkstone has the right to review the above information and the real identity of the user. , Reinkstone reserves the right not to register. For those who have already registered, if it is found that the user has defrauded the account registration with false information, or the registration information such as the account avatar and profile has illegal and bad information, reinkstone has the right to unilaterally correct, clear, temporarily block or permanently block it within a time limit without notice. , cancellation of registration, recovery and other measures.


3.4 Users shall not maliciously register accounts by any means (including but not limited to using invalid unverified email addresses, invalid mobile phone numbers, using other people's identities, etc.) or use accounts to conduct illegal activities, disrupt, harass, deceive other users, and other violations of this Agreement. Reinkstone has the right to permanently block , cancel the registration, and withdraw the above account, and the user shall be responsible for any loss caused thereby. At the same time, reinkstone has the right to transfer the above behavior to the competent department for processing.


3.5 The ownership of the account is owned by reinkstone , and the user only has the limited right to use the account. The user shall be responsible for all behaviors under the account that has the right to use it. The user shall properly keep his account and password, and shall not transfer, lend, rent, sell or share the account to others for use. Otherwise , reinkstone has the right to choose to temporarily or permanently suspend the account according to the actual situation . When the user's account or password is used without authorization, the user should notify reinkstone immediately , otherwise the unauthorized use will be regarded as the user's own behavior. In order to ensure the security of the user's account, reinkstone may regularly or irregularly use different methods to verify the user's identity, including but not limited to requiring the input of a verification code, short message verification, email verification, etc. If the user fails to complete the verification or refuses to verify, reinkstone may reasonably suspect that the user's account is abnormal or stolen, and suspend the provision of products and/or services to the user and/or take further measures.


3.6 If the user account information is lost due to non- reinkstone reasons, if the user needs to retrieve it, he must provide corresponding information and certificates in accordance with the requirements of the account retrieval process officially announced by reinkstone , and ensure that the information and certificates provided are legal, authentic and valid. , if the provided materials are untrue or do not meet the requirements and cannot pass the security verification of the reinkstone account, it may lead to the failure of account retrieval, and the user shall bear the corresponding risks and losses.


3.7 In order to ensure that reinkstone provides better services for more users, users agree that reinkstone has the right to permanently cancel or withdraw accounts that have not been used for six consecutive months, that have been obtained through illegal means and that violate this user agreement.


3.8 The user agrees that reinkstone will place commercial advertisements or any other type of commercial information in various ways in the process of providing products and/or services (including but not limited to placing advertisements on any location of the content), the user agrees that reinkstone will send the user product promotion or other related commercial information by email or other means after obtaining the user's consent.


3.9 Users know and agree that due to broadband and network connection issues, reinkstone may take a long time to buffer or freeze or other similar situations in the process of providing products and services. Such situations are not at fault, and reinkstone does not need to In such cases, the responsibility is to the user. In order to reduce or even avoid the occurrence of the above situations and further improve the user's service experience, the user confirms that reinkstone can take a series of technical measures to optimize its products and services, including improving the distribution and scheduling of CDN nodes, and using the proprietary HCDN peer-to-peer network. Technical measures for video distribution quality, etc.


3.10 The user understands and agrees that the products and services provided by reinkstone need to be connected to the Internet before they can be used. Therefore, the user shall bear the costs of uplink and downlink network communication and traffic generated in the process of using the products and services. The above costs will be borne by the network operator. charge. Users can also set related network usage information through the product's setting page.


3.11 In the process of using reinkstone 's products and/or services, users should abide by the Constitution and laws, including but not limited to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets, the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, and the Security Protection of Computer Information Systems of the People's Republic of China. Regulations, Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software, Regulations on the Administration of Internet Electronic Bulletin Services, Regulations on the Protection of Information Network Dissemination Right, and Cybersecurity Law and other laws and regulations related to computer and Internet regulations; should abide by public order, respect Social morality, must not endanger network security, and must not use the network to endanger national security, honor and interests, incite subversion of state power, overthrow the socialist system, incite secession, undermine national unity, promote terrorism, extremism, and promote ethnic hatred, ethnic Discrimination, dissemination of violent, obscene and pornographic information, fabrication and dissemination of false information to disrupt economic and social order, as well as infringing on the reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of others. In any case, once reinkstone reasonably believes that the user has the above behavior, it may terminate the provision of products and/or services to the user at any time without prior notice.


3.12 Users are prohibited from using the products and services provided by reinkstone to engage in the following acts:


3.12.1 Making, uploading, copying, transmitting, or disseminating any content that opposes the basic principles established by the Constitution, endangers national security, leaks state secrets, subverts state power, undermines national unity, undermines national unity, damages national honor and interests, and incites Ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining ethnic unity, undermining national religious policies, advocating cults and feudal superstitions, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime, insulting or slandering others, and infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, etc. Content prohibited by law or otherwise objectionable including, but not limited to, information, materials, text, software, music, photographs, graphics, information or other materials;


3.12.2 endanger minors in any way;


3.12.3 impersonate any person or institution, or falsely or falsely claim to be related to any person or institution;


3.12.4 Falsifying titles or otherwise manipulating identifying information to make people mistakenly believe that the content is transmitted by reinkstone ;


3.12.5 Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit content that you do not have the right to transmit (such as internal information, confidential information);


3.12.6 Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit content that infringes any person's patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or other proprietary rights;


3.12.7 Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit advertising correspondence, promotional materials, "spam", etc. Except for dedicated areas used for the aforementioned purposes;


3.12.8 Tracking or harassing others in other ways, illegally intruding on others’ networks, interfering with the normal functions of others’ networks, stealing network data, etc. that endanger network security;


3.12.9 Provide others with programs and tools specially used for intrusion into the network, interfere with the normal functions and protective measures of the network, steal network data and other activities that endanger network security, or provide technology for others who know that they are engaged in activities that endanger network security Support, advertising, payment and settlement, etc.;


3.12.10 Use the services provided by reinkstone to set up websites and communication groups that are used to commit fraud, teach criminal methods, produce or sell prohibited items, controlled items and other illegal and criminal activities, or use reinkstone 's network to publish related to the implementation of fraud, production or Information on the sale of prohibited items, controlled items and other illegal and criminal activities;


3.12.11 Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit information about software viruses or other computer code, files and programs that interfere with, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software, hardware or communication equipment;


3.12.12 Interfere with or disrupt the reinkstone service or the servers and networks connected to the reinkstone service;


3.12.13 Willful or unintentional violation of any relevant Chinese laws, regulations, rules, ordinances and other norms with legal effect :

( A ) Opposes the basic principles established by the Constitution;

( B ) endangers national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity;

( C ) divulging state secrets, endangering state security or damaging state honor and interests;

( D ) Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining ethnic unity, or infringing upon ethnic customs and habits;

( E ) propagating cults and superstitions;

( F ) Disturbing social order and disrupting social stability;

( G ) Inducing minors to commit crimes and exaggerating violence, pornography, gambling and terrorist activities;

( H ) Insulting or slandering others, infringing on citizens' personal privacy and other legitimate rights and interests of others;

( I ) Endangering social morality and harming the fine cultural traditions of the nation;

( J ) Other content prohibited by relevant laws, administrative regulations and state regulations.


3.12.14 If the uploaded content provided by the user contains the above information or content that violates the policies, laws and regulations, the user shall be directly responsible for all the adverse consequences caused by the above. If it causes adverse consequences to reinkstone , the user shall be responsible for eliminating the impact and compensation all losses caused.


3.12.15 Without the prior express written permission of reinkstone , in any way (including but not limited to any automatic programs, scripts, software such as robot software, spider software, crawler software, etc.) and for any reason, by themselves or by entrusting others, assisting others to obtain the platform. Services, Content, Data;


3.12.16 Obtain and use reinkstone ’s products and/or services for yourself or others for commercial or other non-personal use without prior express authorization from reinkstone ;


3.12.17 All or part of the service content displayed in any public place without express authorization, by charge or free (except if your above-mentioned behavior does not constitute infringement);


3.12.18 Through improper means or in a way that violates the principle of good faith (such as exploiting loopholes in rules, exploiting system loopholes, abusing membership, black industry, speculation, etc.);


3.12.19 By means of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others;


3.12.20 Other behaviors that are not expressly authorized or violated this Agreement, laws and regulations or regulatory policies.


3.13 If the products and/or services used by users produce, upload, publish, and disseminate symbols, text, pictures, audio, video and other content on the platform, they should ensure that the uploaded content does not violate the laws and regulations of mainland China and the use of local laws and regulations and related normative documents, nor infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party, otherwise all adverse consequences caused by the user shall be borne by the user, and the user shall be liable for compensation if any loss is caused. If the relevant right holder claims the right due to the user's violation of this clause, he has the right to delete, go offline, and block the relevant disputed content without notifying the uploading user.


3.14 The user shall independently and completely assume legal responsibility for the symbols, text, pictures, audio, video and other content produced, uploaded, published, and disseminated by using the service, including compensation for losses caused. at the same time:


3.14.1 In order to maintain the laws and regulations and relevant normative documents in mainland China and the user's service area, protect the legitimate rights and interests of others, and maintain the reputation and safety, the user has the right to directly delete the user's use of products and/or services. Publish and disseminate symbols, text, pictures, audio, video and other content without prior notice to users;


3.14.2 The right to block the user’s ID, deduct or clear points or community currency, temporarily stop or permanently prohibit the use of products and/or services to create, upload, publish, and disseminate symbols and texts based on the severity of the situation , pictures, audio, video and other content processing;


The background records of 3.14.3 may be used as evidence of the user's violation of laws and regulations, breach of contract, or infringement.


3.15 Users should guarantee that they will not use the service or its derivative services to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, and prohibit normal operations that are disrupted by network loopholes, malware or other illegal means, steal or embezzle other people's accounts and properties under the accounts, etc.; Other content of the legitimate rights and interests of others. Otherwise, it has the right to freeze or block the user and user account according to the seriousness of the circumstances. If a crime is constituted, it has the right to be handed over to the competent department for handling.


3.16 The user's obligation to provide consultation and obtain reasonable technical support for the service should not exceed the reasonable tolerance limit.


3.17 Rules for the use of points and community tokens:


3.17.1 If the user uses the points to participate in the lottery, exchange or redemption, no operation modification, refund of points and community currency services will be provided for the points and community currency consumed;


3.17.2 The right to unilaterally price the points and point products, community currency and community currency products it provides, and the right to change it according to its own operational needs, without taking legal responsibility for this behavior;


3.17.3 The way, method, quantity, usage method, validity period and other contents of points and community tokens are subject to the platform’s announcement, actual display or description;


3.17.4 Points and community tokens cannot be exchanged for cash.


3.18 Management regulations for point products and community currency products:


3.18.1 Unless otherwise specified, the winning prizes, gifts exchanged, and shopping items obtained by users using the points service and community currency service are all virtual products rather than physical products (hereinafter referred to as "points products"). The scope is subject to the instructions attached to the relevant points product on the page;


3.18.2 Points products and community currency will be adjusted at any time due to user requirements, self-regulation, market acceptance and other factors. For specific information, please refer to the page for lottery, exchange, and redemption;


3.18.3 Points service is a free reward for users. Simple lottery prizes and gift exchange services do not provide invoices. For gifts redeemed by "points plus cash" and "community currency plus cash", invoice service is only provided for the cash part. Please provide accurate invoice information and receiving address for the redemption user. The postage required shall be borne by the redemption user. The receipt of the information provided and the issuance of an invoice shall be deemed to have properly performed the provision of the invoice service;


3.18.4 Based on the nature and characteristics of virtual goods, return and exchange services for virtual goods with points and community currency are not provided. For the physical goods of points and the physical goods of community currency, we shall not be responsible for the defects or damage of the goods caused by the exchange of users;


3.18.5 Unless the written authorization is obtained, the user shall not use the point service and the community currency service for commercial purposes, such as trading, replacement, mortgage, etc. Any user should obtain points service and community currency service through formal channels. All points and community currency and its derivative services obtained through unofficial channels are not legally effective, and have the right to unilaterally withdraw relevant points and community currency and terminate the corresponding service. , serious cases have the right to ban the user;


3.18.6 If there is no special agreement, the points and community coins obtained by users through formal channels will not be refunded in any cash, but can only be consumed by enjoying the points service and community currency service. If the user consumes all the points and community currency he has obtained, and will not continue to use the point service and community currency service, the service will be terminated;


3.18.7 In the case of cessation of service or loss of operation qualification at its own discretion due to its own development and operation, the community currency directly obtained in cash can be refunded in accordance with the specified rules; however, through promotion and marketing Community Coins will be obtained for free, and will not be refunded or compensated.


3.19 Provisions for the use of literature:


3.19.1 Literature only serves as a platform for online literature reading, providing users to search for literary works and read literary works for free or for a fee. It is not the producer of literary works. The user hereby agrees to exempt the user from legal liability for all direct or indirect damages suffered by the user due to the user's reading or use of the above-mentioned literary work;


3.19.2 When providing online literature services, users may be charged a certain fee for some literature service content, and the specific payment methods include but are not limited to community currency, real currency or other virtual currency. In this case, a clear prompt will be made on the relevant page. If the user does not agree to pay such fees, he cannot use the relevant paid literary services;


3.19.3 For the user-paid literary services provided, the user has the right to decide the tariff standards and charging methods of the provided services. The user understands and agrees that different tariff standards and charging methods may be formulated for different services, and may also be based on the provided services. Different tariff standards and charging methods are determined at different stages of service provision. The tariff standards, charging methods, purchase methods or other information on tariff policies related to the service will be placed in a prominent position on the relevant webpage of the service;


3.19.4 The copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, other intellectual property rights, ownership rights or other rights of the content of the literary works provided are owned by the copyright, trademark and other property ownership laws of the People's Republic of China and the PRC Protection of international agreements and treaties to which the People's Republic is a party. The user shall not modify, reproduce, copy, distribute, transmit, display, distribute, transfer, sell, or create or make derivative products related to the above content unless the user obtains prior written and legal authorization from other relevant rights holders. or derivatives.


Part4. Uploading and sharing of user content


4.1 The user fully understands and agrees that the provided platform for uploading, sharing and disseminating information is only for users to upload, share, transmit and obtain information. The platform or any content transmitted through the platform does not reflect the views or policies, No responsibility is assumed for this. At the same time, users should make their own judgments on the content provided by other users of the platform, and bear all risks arising from the use of such content, including risks arising from reliance on the correctness, integrity or usefulness of the content. does not assume any legal responsibility. The right to decide whether to agree to the user's behavior of publishing and sharing information, including deleting, blocking or disconnecting the link without notifying the user, and the resulting loss shall be borne by the user. The user knows and agrees that there is no obligation to store the information published and shared by the user, and the user shall back up the information by himself.


4.2 Unless there is proof to the contrary, uploading, publishing or transmitting content using the platform services by the user shall be deemed that the user is the copyright owner or legal licensor of the content uploaded, published or transmitted on the platform. Unless otherwise agreed by the two parties, the public release, dissemination and sharing of pictures, text, audio, video and other information and content on the platform used by the user represent the user's right and consent to a permanent and irrevocable worldwide , The free grant can exercise all copyright rights except the rights exclusive to the copyright owner on the information and content, and can exercise the rights to use, publish, disseminate, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, and translate the above-mentioned works. The right to create derivative works, dissemination, performance and display; the right to incorporate all or part of the information into any other form of work, media, technology; the right to commercialize the user's uploading and publishing information; Wireless network to users' computer terminals, mobile communication terminals (including but not limited to portable communication equipment such as mobile phones and smart tablet computers, etc.), handheld digital audio and video playback equipment, TV receiving equipment (analog signal receiving equipment, digital signal receiving equipment, digital TV , IPTV, playback equipment with Internet access function, etc.), etc. to provide information download, on-demand, data transmission, mobile video services (including but not limited to SMS, MMS, WAP, IVR, Streaming, 3G, 4G, mobile video and other wireless services), and its related publicity and promotion services.


Part5. User Personal Information Protection


5.1 Personal information refers to all kinds of information recorded electronically or in other ways that can identify the identity of a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person alone or in combination with other information. When you download, install, start, browse, register, log in, and use the products and/or services, you will handle and protect your personal information in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" published on the platform, so I hope you can read it carefully and fully Understand the full text of the "Privacy Policy" and, when necessary, follow the guidelines of the "Privacy Policy" to make the choices you deem appropriate.


5.2 You should carefully read and fully understand the "Privacy Policy" to use the products and/or services. If you do not agree with the content of the policy, the products and/or services may not operate normally, or the intended services may not be achieved. effect, you should immediately stop accessing/using the products and/or services. Your use or continued use of the products and/or services provided means that you fully understand and agree to the entire content of the Privacy Policy (including the updated version).


5.3 Knowing the importance of personal information to you, we attach great importance to protecting your privacy and personal information, and treat and handle your personal information with a high degree of prudence. For more information on personal information processing and protection rules, your control over personal information, etc., please read the full text of the "Privacy Policy" on the platform you go to (for example: INKZONE "" APP access path is: My - Settings - privacy).


5.4 If you have any questions about the "Privacy Policy" or the content of your personal information (including inquiries, complaints, etc.), you can contact the "Privacy Policy" or the contact information published at the end of this agreement.


Part6. Intellectual property


6.1 Protected by the International Copyright Convention, the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the Patent Law, and other intellectual property laws and regulations, the products and/or services and the software, interface, interaction and other elements used, LOGO, trademark, logo, All intellectual property rights in graphics, text, text, sound, audio, video, portraits, pictures, technology, materials, etc. are owned and enjoyed. "Intellectual Property Rights" includes any and all rights, any and all other proprietary rights, and any and all applications, updates, extensions, and restorations thereof under patent laws, copyright laws, trademark laws, anti-unfair competition laws, and other laws.


6.2 The user shall not modify, adapt, translate the software, technology, materials, etc. used in the service, or create derivative works related to it, and shall not obtain its source code through reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly or other similar acts, otherwise All legal consequences arising therefrom shall be the responsibility of the user, and the legal responsibility of the breaching party will be investigated according to law.


6.3 Users can only use the provided products and/or services within the scope of this agreement and express authorization. Without prior written permission, users are not allowed to modify, copy, disseminate, transmit, issue, transfer, sell the software, technology, materials and product/service content used in products and/or services for any profit or non-profit purpose. Or create, produce derivative products or derivatives related to these contents. Otherwise, the user shall be solely responsible for all damages caused to or to others.


6.4 Users may not delete, obscure or alter copyright notices, trademarks or other rights notices/labels without prior written consent. All design patterns and other patterns, product and service names on the platform are trademarks and logos owned by them, and no one may use, copy or use them for other purposes without prior written consent. The user shall not crack, alter, reverse-operate, tamper with or otherwise destroy any security measures technology used to protect the products and services.


6.5 Users are not allowed to modify, rent, distribute, reprint or derive other works of content transmitted through the products and/or services without express authorization. It owns complete intellectual property rights for its self-made content and other exclusive content obtained through authorization. Without permission, no unit or individual may reproduce, disseminate and provide viewing services without permission or engage in other intellectual property infringements. Otherwise, the legal responsibility of the infringer will be pursued.


6.6 For software that users may need to download in the course of using the products and/or services, only revocable, limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive licenses are granted to users for such software. Unless expressly authorized in writing in advance, users can only use the software and the products and services provided for non-commercial access/use of products and services.


6.7 The intellectual property rights owned and enjoyed by the user will not be transferred due to any use behavior of the user.


Part7. Advertisements, third-party links


7.1 reserves the right to associate or display advertisements and advertisement links through relevant pages, the method and scope of which may be changed without notifying the user. Users may not modify, remove or obscure these ads in any way.


7.2 Under the premise of complying with the Advertising Law, it has the right to independently decide the form, duration, location and content of advertisements without any third-party intervention.


7.3 The products and/or services may provide links to other Internet sites or resources. We will perform relevant obligations to advertisers in accordance with the law, but users know and agree that these advertisers and advertising content are not under the control, and users should carefully judge the authenticity and reliability of advertising information. The user is responsible for and resolves any form of behavior or disputes with advertisers or advertisers through the products and/or services provided by the user, and does not assume any additional responsibility except for the responsibilities borne by the advertiser as stipulated by law. , but will provide necessary assistance in accordance with the law as needed.


Part8. Limitation of Liability


8.1 The user understands and agrees that the products and/or services provided by the company are provided in accordance with the current state of (including technology and information) make any express or implied promises or guarantees, including but not limited to quality, stability, correctness, timeliness, completeness, coherence, security, etc., but promise to continuously improve service quality and service level, and provide users with more Excellent service.


8.2 In order to improve the user experience, ensure the security of products and services and the consistency of product functions, the software may be updated. You should update the software to the latest version, otherwise it is not guaranteed to work properly.


8.3 The following matters are not guaranteed (including but not limited to):


8.3.1 The website, client and other software provided have been tested, but due to the limitations of the technology itself, it cannot be guaranteed that it is fully compatible with other software, hardware and systems. If there is an incompatibility, the user can report the situation to get technical support. If the problem cannot be solved, the user can choose to uninstall and stop using the products and/or services;


8.3.2 The use of services involves Internet services and may be affected by unstable factors in various links. Due to force majeure, hacker attack, system instability, network interruption, user shutdown, communication lines, etc., the products and/or services may be interrupted or the user's requirements cannot be met. Products and/or services not guaranteed to be suitable for use by users;


8.3.3 Since the provided client and other software can be downloaded and spread through the network, the service-related software downloaded from non-designated official sites or obtained through non-designated channels cannot be guaranteed whether it is infected with computer virus or whether it is hidden or not. Trojan programs and other hacking software, and do not assume any legal responsibility for any direct or indirect damages suffered by the user;


8.3.4 does not make any guarantees related to the security, reliability, timeliness and performance of the products and/or services;


8.3.5 does not guarantee that any products, services or other materials it provides will meet the user's expectations.


8.4 The user shall bear the risk of using any information downloaded or obtained through the service, and the user shall be fully responsible for the damage to the user's computer system or the loss of data due to such use.


8.5 We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages for loss of profits, business reputation, data or other tangible or intangible losses due to the following reasons:


8.5.1 use or inability to use the products and/or services;


8.5.2 any products, materials or services purchased or obtained through the products and/or services;


8.5.3 Unauthorized use or modification of User Data;


8.5.4 Other matters related to the products and/or services of the Company.


8.6 Users should keep their account numbers and passwords properly, strengthen password security, and beware of account leakage or theft. Any loss caused by the leakage or theft of the user account, such as the loss or reduction of the account and the property in the account, shall not be liable for compensation. If the user loses or reduces the account and the property in the account due to non-reasons such as communication line failures, network or computer failures, system instability, and force majeure (such as server downtime) of the telecommunications and China Netcom departments, the user shall not be liable for compensation.


8.7 The user does not assume any legal responsibility for the loss or reduction of the account and the property in the account due to lack of identity authentication or untrue authentication information.


8.8 The user understands and agrees to choose the products and/or services to download and use for free at his own risk, including but not limited to his behavior during the use of the products and/or services, as well as all the resulting products and/or services. as a result of. The user shall be solely responsible for any damage to the computer system or loss of data caused by the downloaded or used products and/or services.


8.9 The user understands and agrees that, for the needs of the overall operation, or to make business changes, adjustments and technical changes at their own discretion, the user has the right to modify or discontinue, suspend or terminate the products and/or services at any time without notifying the user, and without reporting to the user or the user. The third party is responsible or liable for any indemnity, unless otherwise provided by law or otherwise agreed by the parties.


8.10 According to its own judgment, for any content that violates or is suspected of violating Chinese laws or this agreement, the user has the right to delete, block or disconnect the link according to the circumstances; stop providing services for the user or delete or cancel the account; and has the right to Keep relevant information and report to relevant government departments in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.


8.11 Only bear the direct responsibility expressly agreed in this agreement. Unless otherwise stipulated in this agreement, under any circumstances, the total liability for compensation under this agreement shall not exceed the total service fee charged for the provision of products and/or services to you.


8.12 No special, indirect, punitive, consequential or consequential damages or any other damages (including but not limited to loss of profit or interest, business interruption, loss of data).


Part9. Changes and interruption/termination of services


9.1 The right to temporarily or permanently change or terminate the products and/or services (or any part thereof) according to the business development situation, whether or not to notify the user, the change or termination of the products and/or services will affect the user and any third party. The user shall not be liable for breach of contract. If the legitimate rights and interests of the user are lost due to the change or termination of the products and/or services (or any part thereof) under the aforementioned circumstances, after the user submits an application, the user will be given appropriate compensation based on the confirmed actual loss. compensate.


9.2 In addition to the circumstances described in the aforementioned 9.1, in the following circumstances, the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of services to users:


9.2.1 If you request it on your own initiative;


9.2.2 You have or, after independent judgment, believe that you have any behavior that violates national laws, regulations or regulatory policies, violates this agreement, or damages your reputation or interests;


9.2.3 In accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations, regulatory policies or the requirements of competent authorities;


9.2.4 In order to maintain account and system security and other emergencies;


9.2.5 Force majeure (in view of the special nature of the Internet, force majeure also includes hacker attacks, major impacts caused by technical adjustments in the telecommunications sector, temporary shutdowns due to government control, virus attacks, etc. that affect the normal operation of the Internet);


9.2.6 Other irresistible circumstances.


9.3 In the event of the termination mentioned in Article 9.2 above, both you and you agree to the following handling methods:


9.3.1 The rights and interests that have been generated but not used under your account will be automatically cleared and not discounted;


9.3.2 If you have an ongoing transaction on the platform, it will be handled reasonably according to the situation;


9.3.3 Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations or otherwise stated, the relevant fees that have been collected will not be refunded;


9.3.4 In the event of termination due to your breach of this agreement, we have the right to require you to bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract as the case may be;


9.3.5 Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations or otherwise stated, we do not need to assume any responsibility to you and third parties.


Part10. Account cancellation


10.1 To provide you with the right to cancel your account, you can apply for cancellation online or contact customer service or cancel your account by other means of publicity (except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations or otherwise agreed in this agreement), once you cancel your account , you will not be able to use the services provided by the full line of user products and will automatically give up the existing rights and interests, so please operate with caution. Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, after the account is cancelled, all products and services will be stopped for you, and all content, information, data and records under the products and services you have used through the account will be deleted or anonymous. processing.


10.2 For more information on the account cancellation process, conditions to be met for cancellation, and precautions, please refer to the Account Cancellation Agreement. If you still decide to cancel your account after careful operation, you can submit a cancellation application on the relevant function setting page of the product and/or service you are using or according to the operation guidelines, for example: in the "Mobile APP" The logout path is: My - Edit Information - Account Logout.


Part11. Terms for Minors


11.1 Great attention is paid to the protection of minors. If the user is a minor, he should read this agreement under the guardian's supervision and guidance, and use the products and/or services after obtaining the guardian's written consent.


11.2 Guardians should guide their children on the security issues that should be paid attention to when surfing the Internet, and prevent problems before they occur. Minors are not encouraged to use the products/services of the platform for any consumption behavior. If there is consumption, minors should ask their guardians to operate or operate with the express consent of their guardians, otherwise they may not use consumer services.


11.3 Remind minor users to be good at online learning when registering and using products and/or services, recognize the difference between the online world and the real world, and avoid being addicted to the Internet and affecting their daily learning and life.


11.4 The privacy protection of minors will be strictly implemented in accordance with the methods and methods described in the "Privacy Policy" published by the platform.


Part12. Notification


12.1 All notices to users under this agreement may be delivered through webpage announcements, emails, mobile phone short messages or regular mail transmissions, and such notices are deemed to have been delivered to users on the day they are sent.


Part13. Contact information


13.1 If you have any questions (including inquiries, complaints, etc.) about this agreement or the products and/or services you use, we will provide you with a variety of feedback channels, hoping to provide you with a satisfactory solution:


13.1.1 Online customer service/other online feedback channels: You can contact the online customer service on the product function page on the platform or submit feedback online;


13.1.2 Manual customer service channel: any customer service number you can call and contact;


13.1.3 Other means: other feedback channels provided.


13.2 will reply to you as soon as possible after receiving your feedback.


Part14. Others


14.1 The interpretation and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Mainland of the People's Republic of China. Any disputes related to this agreement shall be settled amicably by both parties through negotiation; if they cannot be settled through negotiation, you agree to submit the dispute to the People's Court of Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province for litigation settlement. Both parties agree that the latest "Service Agreement" agreed to by you shall prevail when resolving disputes.