Reinkstone-Latest Shipping Schedule

Dear Customers,

We just received several latest DES screens from our screen supplier last week. We are now ramping up trial production and product certification. And we expect to ship the R1 in early September.

  • DES screen display effect

Here is the demo of the latest DES screen. The latest UI and handwriting features will be showcased in the next update. Compared with the previous ones, the latest DES screen has a more stable display effect, and the screen pressure resistance has also been significantly improved.


  • Book Reading

It is recommended to turn on black and white mode to read books. Text can be seen more clearly and delicately.


  • Color Comic Reading

The actual display will be brighter than the photo shows.

  • Picture Display

The actual display effect is more detailed than the picture shows.



  • Latest Shipping Schedule

We plan to complete the delivery in early September. Please email us your latest shipping address if you have moved or are not at the address previously provided. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


  • Reason for the delay

The main reason for the shipment delay is the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai. Screen supplier's core component suppliers are located in Shanghai. Due to the strict logistics control and quarantine policy in Shanghai, the core component suppliers’ staff can only work from home and the factory cannot carry out production. Shanghai began to gradually unblock enterprises from June, and then we can receive the latest mass production screens in late June. We have prepared all the materials except the screen. When we received the screen, we immediately proceeded to the following work.


Other Information

  • Delivery address change

We know that many customers have moved out of their previous residential addresses. We have received a lot of emails from customers to change the delivery address. In order to avoid omissions, backers who have changed the place of residence please email us your latest shipping address. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


  • Cover Replacement

Combining multiple tests by developers and feedback from backers, we finally decided to use a composite cover to ensure a good writing experience. And we will add a layer of EVA buffer layer and a floating avoidance position between the bottom of the DES paste color ink screen and the metal middle frame. This can effectively protect the DES color ink screen, improve its service life and use experience, and reduce the risk of screen breakage. But correspondingly, the thickness of the fuselage has increased to 7.5mm, and the weight has also increased.


  • Software Upgrade

Due to the constant delays in the delivery of DES screens, we did not have enough time to optimize the software to the best possible state. But we guarantee that the mass-produced products have sufficient and stable functions. We guarantee system updates for at least one year. Subsequent software upgrades will be updated via OTA. If you encounter any problems or have good suggestions in the process of using R1, you can email to tell us.


We are so sorry for the multiple delays. But please keep confidence in us. We will not run away, or give our customers junk products. We will definitely deliver R1 to every backer and make continuous updates. Thanks for your understanding and patiently waiting!


Best Wishes,

Reinkstone Team